Blerdology is a tech social enterprise focused on increasing the number of African Americans in technology and making life better for those already in the space by facilitating networking and exposure opportunities. We’re also the first organization to host hackathons specifically targeting African Americans.

African Americans compose less than 1 percent of tech professionals and entrepreneurs and we feel this diversity of thought is much needed.

Our hackathons are unique in that we pairs coders with aspiring minority entrepreneurs and build their projects on site for little to no cost. Entrepreneurs also meet with business consultants and investors on site to work through their business models and plan for the future. We collect our coders resumes and supply them to our sponsors and other corporations so that our supporters can further their career ambitions.

We also generally have some type of philanthropic element to our events, often donating a portion of the proceeds to a local STEM or tech-focused charity in the city of the event.

We have upcoming plans for a tech camp with the US State Department and a series of startup mixers across North America.

Fast Company is a big supporter of diversity in coding & software, Co.Labs has even made a promise to cover the issue until there are as many women working in software as men.


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